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International Alumni Relations

International Alumni Relations

Your international outreach can be much more successful when you involve your most genuine brand ambassadors - your alumni. Their personal history with your academic institution is of incredible value to your prospective students. To get them more involved, you may need to give your alumni relations a boost.

Internet Marketing: For Language Schools

Internet Marketing Guide: For Language Schools 

We're pleased to offer you the most recommended marketing platform available and this valuable tool that helps you meet your marketing challenges, enhance your internet marketing practice, reach more students and improve your overall international enrollment.

Internet Marketing: For Boarding Schools

Internet Marketing Guide: For Boarding Schools

Learn critical tactics that can help you build an effective global content marketing strategy. Gain the skills to help you create a keyword strategy and optimize your website, build a blog, implement a social media campaign and convert site traffic into leads.

LinkedIn Tools for Enrollment Recruitment

LinkedIn Tools for Enrollment Recruitment & Alumni Relations 

Ever wonder "How do I create and manage a LinkedIn profile for my academic institution?" Need to know the best-practice use of your page to help your recruitment strategy? Even if you have a profile already, there are a few tricks to the trade, as they say. 

Know Your Neighborhood

eBook Know Your Neighborhood

35,000 International Students responded to our survey in 2 DAYS! That’s engagement!

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88 Ways to Recruit
International Students

A compendium of the many ways your peers are innovating to increase and improve their international student recruiting.