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Content Development

Connect With Your Target Audience

After completing the initial research phase to uncover the underlying desires and motivations of your target audience, we focus on developing key messages that will resonate with your target audience and fully capture your differentiators. 

Targeted, Localized Messaging

We believe deeply in the value of contextualizing your marketing materials in the local language and culture of your audience. This means considering all of the social and cultural nuances.

Too often, due to lack of time and resources, all students from outside the U.S. are lumped into one group called "international." Will a student from Brazil respond to the same messaging as a student from China? Unlikely. Here at Intead, we specialize in developing localized, culturally-sensitive content that will resonate with each of your international target audiences. 

Considering Your Influencers

We provide the skills and expertise to develop a customized communications plan to engage prospective students, their parents and counselors with a series of interactions on a variety of media channels—both digital and print.  We write and design a range of attractive, multi-language content, incorporating messages that differentiate your institution from competitors based upon information gathered from our research. 

Interested? Give us a call! We would love to discuss your current messaging techniques and where there may be opportunities for improvement.