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The Intead Vision

Global Recruitment Marketing – Simplified 

Here at Intead, we develop innovative global marketing strategies, create compelling content, and employ state-of-the-art digital tools to attract, recruit, orient and retain international and U.S. students.

  • We believe in global education.
  • We believe in the impact of digital marketing.
  • We believe in the power of data and analytics.

We believe global education fosters cross-cultural understanding, which helps build stronger economies and more peaceful times. With these two imperatives in mind, we develop customized recruiting tools and holistic marketing strategies that meet the unique goals of each academic institution.

Building Client Partnerships

Our belief in a holistic approach that combines digital marketing with face-to-face contact drives the way we work with our clients. We build healthy partnerships with both our clients and our international counterparts. We find that these highly selective partnerships lead to strong cross-cultural relationships that ultimately support our clients' goals and deliver tangible results.

Our approach enhances the communication, branding and marketing of academic institutions by using culturally appropriate and accessible messaging and digital platforms. We support our customers with sophisticated analytics services, ultimately improving enrollment results.

Areas of Specialty

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Channel Development (Partnerships and Content Dissemination)
  • Message Development
  • Creative Design
  • Digital Marketing Implementation:

    • International Social Media Campaigns
    • Email Marketing Campaign
    • Paid Search Campaigns
    • Marketing Systems and Platforms (Tracking, Optimization, and Automation)
  • Marketing and Business Analytics (Google, Social, SEO, and Customer Engagement)
  • Print and Offline Marketing