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Digital Analytics

Analyze & Refine Your Strategy

Gain valuable insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing. Which activities are driving enrollment? Where are there opportunities for improvement? 

Digital analytics are essential, not only for measuring the success of your promotional campaigns, but also allowing you to refine your messaging, design approach and select dissemination channels according to the preferences of your audience. 

Digital Analytics

As we're confident you do too, we monitor and examine Google Analytics data to analyze client website traffic, track the online activities of prospective students and make strategic recommendations to improve your long-term campaign performance.

Marketing Analytics

We also conduct ongoing market research throughout ongoing campaigns to identify the preferences and needs of prospective students. This allows us to make informed marketing decisions based on quantitative analysis.

This often includes the use of A/B testing to test multiple variations of a design, CTA or phrase for the purpose of optimizing the overall conversation rate.

Data Visualization

The close collaboration between our graphic design and analytics departments allows us to present data in a pictorial or graphical format that makes it easy to absorb and digest quickly, easing the strain on decision makers.