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Institutional Assessment

Evaluate Your Student Services

Sometimes, you need an outside observer to help you see yourself clearly.

Intead’s Institutional Student Services Assessment (ISSA) will help you understand how your recruitment and retention systems are workingand where you need to improve.

The Intead team will come to campus, meet with stakeholders, and gather the honest info that is often only accessed by an outside, objective observer. What we are after is how your recruitment, enrollment and student services are working together to achieve the student outcomes you want. 

After our assessment, we’ll write up a clear and concise report with clear, actionable recommendations about your current systems and the road ahead.

The Result: cost-effective steps to move your institution forward.

Let's get digging.

The content of each Intead ISSA is tailored to the needs of our clients' institutional culture, structure, and goals. To give you a sense of the interview themes we often find helpful:

Current Students:

  • Why did they choose this institution? Who and what influenced that choice? 
  • What has their experience been like living and studying on campus?
  • What is their perception on current academic and career support services?
  • Would they recommend thier choices to friends back home? 


  • How has the education they received prepared them for life after graduation?
  • How could their educational and social experience have been improved?
  • How did the institution smooth (or fail to smooth) their transition between student life and their next phase
  • Would they recommend their choices to friends back home? 

Student Services Staff:

  • Do they feel the institution's current supports meet students' needs?
  • Does their office have the resources and training they need to succeed?
  • How are other offices/departments working together? Or are they struggling to collaborate?


  • How attuned are they to the unique educational needs of your student segments (regional, non-traditional, international)?
  • How receptive are they to the idea of increasing international and non-traditional student enrollment?
  • How do they think the institution could be better supporting student success for the different types of students on your campus?


  • What are their plans for, and concerns about, the institution's enrollment strategy? Are they aligned in how the institution will move forward?
  • How would changing the makeup of the student population likely affect the institution (in terms of branding, culture, finances)?
  • Bottom line: Is leadership all on the same page?

Ready to take a comprehensive look at your institution's student support and enrollment systems? 

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